Tenants are responsible for the following regular maintenance:

  • Replacement of light bulbs

  • Cleaning or replacement of furnace filters monthly

  • Test smoke detectors monthly & replace batteries if necessary.

  • Keep dwelling clean & sanitary, inside & out, free of grease, mold, cobwebs, etc.

  • Proper disposal of toxic wastes such as oil, antifreeze, batteries, paint, solvents

  • Pick up all pet droppings daily, whether your pet or another's

  • In kitchens, keep all food cleaned up at all times

  • In kitchens, keep all ovens and hood vents cleaned regularly

  • In bathrooms, prevent mildew and mold from accumulating by proper ventilation

  • Use of shower curtain or doors to prevent water from getting on floor. Wipe up water if needed after showers.

  • Keep window closed when raining to prevent jam damage.

RODENT CONTROL: In the event Lessee discovers insects or rodents are present on the property with in the first two weeks following the date of the Lessee is given keys of the premises by Lessor, Lessee shall notify Lessor in writing and Lessor shall correct the problem at Owner's expense. Thereafter, Lessee shall be responsible to keep the property free of insects and rodents.

STOPPAGES IN PLUMBING: In the event Lessee discovers stoppages in the plumbing within the first THIRTY (30) days of occupancy, Lessee shall notify Lessor in writing and Lessor shall correct the problem at Owner's expense. Thereafter, Lessee shall be responsible to clear such blockages, unless they are determined to have been caused by defects in system or the intrusion of roots.

KITCHEN AND BATH FLOOR MAINTENANCE: These floors must be kept dry in order to avoid long-term damage. For example, over splash from a shower or bathtub will, over time, cause deterioration in the flooring, sub flooring and surrounding areas, which can lead to dry rot and other deterioration. Similar problems may arise if a toilet becomes loose where it is connected to the floor. Change of color of vinyl floor is a sign of such damage. In such an event, Lessee shall notify Lessor of such conditions. Lessee shall be responsible and reimburse Lessor for any such damage to the floors resulting from the failure to notify Lessor.

Common Repair Problems and Solutions:

Locked out of house: during regular work hours, you may be able to get a key at the office. Otherwise, call a locksmith.

Oven does not work: check the tie bake or self-cleaning functions.

Heater does not work: call PGE, they will light the pilot or diagnose problem at no charge.

Heater blows cold air or not much heat: Is filter clean?? Is pilot lit?

No hot water: Has it all been used? Is the pilot lit (if gas)?

Refrigerator leaking: check for plugged drainage tube

Dishwasher will not drain: clean food out of bottom of dishwasher

Air Conditioner does not work: Verify one is provided. Check the circuit breaker.

Garbage Disposal does not work: Use the reset button under the unit. If stuck, try using a broom handle to un-stick. Tenants are responsible for repairs if improper use.

Electrical does not work in some parts of the house: reset the GFI plug.

Circuit breakers keep going off: too many appliances on the same circuit.

Invasion of fleas, ants, spiders, silverfish: use insect foggers available at the grocery store. Read instructions carefully.

Leaking toilet or sink: turn off water to unit, notify management with Maintenance Request.

Smoke Detector does not work: change battery (if still not working, notify manager)